Here you’ll find the Volunteer Timesheet to document your volunteer accomplishments. We designed the Volunteer Timesheet to capture details about your hours, tasks, and the animals you helped. The Timesheet is actually a range of timesheets tailored to various kinds of volunteering. You only need to complete parts of the timesheet that relate to the kinds of volunteer work you’re doing. Download and print the timesheet that matches your work. We encourage you to print a stack to bring along to your volunteer site!

Every quarter, we’ll compile the PrideStrong impact, just like we did for PrideStrong WeekLong. When you’re ready to report your volunteer work, compile numbers from the timesheet records you’ve kept, and enter them in the Volunteer Report survey at pridestrong.com/survey

Sample Timesheet

Sample Timesheet JPG

Financial & Administrative Tasks

Administrative Timesheet JPG

Helping Animals Directly

Animals Timesheet JPG

Construction Tasks

Construction Timesheet JPG

Distance, Weight & Area: Measurements for Travel, Exercising, Feeding, Cleaning, & Fixing Up

Distance Weight Area JPG

Fundraising with ResQwalk

ResQwalk Volunteering JPG

updated 10/29/17