Announcing January ’17 PrideStrong Weeklong summary results @bigcatderek

Here are the summary results from the January #PrideStrongWeekLong! Almost two hundred animals had their lives improved by less than two dozen people – talk about impact! I’m so exceptionally proud of the work which was put into this event – both from volunteer participants and from our team of PrideStrong organizers. The foundation we’ve laid with the PSWL can create a movement that can improve the lives of countless animals in the future – the possibilities are endless, and we’ve only just begun! Thank you so much to everyone who participated & made this event a success. You’re heroes! Continue reading Announcing January ’17 PrideStrong Weeklong summary results @bigcatderek

Helping animals from home

Tomorrow is the first day of the PrideStrong Weeklong. Starting tomorrow, members of the Pride will go out into their communities and donate just one hour of their time to an animal-related charity. If you still haven’t selected your charity, don’t worry. While it may be too late to volunteer in person, there are still ways to help animals in need from the comfort of … Continue reading Helping animals from home

We’re setting up a new PrideStrong Weeklong January 8th-15th

We’re setting up a new #PrideStrongWeekLong to be taking place January 8th-15th. All you gotta do to be a part of this event is to go into your local area & volunteer an hour of your time to an animal-related cause or charity of your choosing at some point within that weeklong period. After you’re done volunteering we ask that you complete a survey quantifying your work (how many hours you worked, how many animals you helped, how much money you raised/saved, etc.). Continue reading We’re setting up a new PrideStrong Weeklong January 8th-15th

ResQWalking (and ResQKayaking)

Pride Member Abby Sheely shared her encounter with nature, all the while raising money for Animal organizations through the ResQWalk app. I was actually on vacation during the Pridestrong week long, but still wanted to participate. I downloaded the ResQWalk app after hearing about it through other pride members. I love kayaking on vacation, so I secured my phone to my life jacket and turned … Continue reading ResQWalking (and ResQKayaking)