Can’t Get Away to Volunteer? Donate Instead

Pride member Melissa Westfall of Connecticut was familiar with the New Rochelle humane society before the PrideStrong Weeklong. She had adopted from them before.

“I’ve adopted several animals from them before, they take amazing care of the animals they have and they are a no kill shelter,” Melissa said. “The staff is very friendly and you can tell they really care for their animals and want to find the best homes for them.”

However, during the event life got in the way of her volunteering with the organization in person. Not one to give up, Melissa found a way to still help animals in need.

“I donated some office supplies, cat toys, and litter boxes to them to help out,” she explained. “I’m hoping for the next Pride Strong Weeklong that I can not only donate supplies to them, but to also do some in person volunteering. Although I may end up adopting another animal while there.”

Reproduced with the volunteer’s permission.
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