Julia Skiles of Plano, Texas shared her experience taking care of rabbits at the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary.

What inspired you to volunteer?

I have adopted rabbits from there in the past.

Thinking back on your volunteer experience, please tell us the story of what you did.

I emptied, cleaned, and refilled water bottles and bowls. I petted a few of the rabbits when placing the bowl back in the cage. I rolled toys toward them so they could push them back. The cages are stacked 3 high and the urine smell is strong at the start. After trays and litter boxes are done that smell is almost gone. The people there were very welcoming and helpful to a first time volunteer.

~ Reproduced with permission of Julia Skiles ~

More volunteer stories and full results of the January 2017 PrideStrong Weeklong coming soon!

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