What impact could the social media community of C.A.R.E. and BigCatDerek make to help animals if our collective efforts were pooled? PrideStrong is about mobilizing through volunteerism to help non-profit organizations that help animals in our local communities.

How to get involved:

  • Download the Field Guide to help you identify an ethical organization in your community and learn the process to be a PrideStrong volunteer.
  • Visit the Survey page to register as a PrideStrong volunteer
  • Complete Volunteer Timesheets and bring them along to your volunteer site to document your accomplishments helping organizations that help animals.
  • Every week, month, or quarter to record, complete the Volunteer Report Survey.  That’s how we’ll measure the Pride’s collective impact.
  • Learn about past PrideStrong volunteer events on the Impact page.
  • Get inspired reading Volunteer Stories.
  • Join the conversation at facebook.com/truepridestrong