What is PrideStrong?

Derek ‘BigCatDerek’ Krahn

“When I was younger, I had strong feelings about a variety of issues, particularly those involving animals and the environment, but I never really went out and did anything about it. I tried to recognize some of the problems in the world and I did my best to imagine solutions to those problems, but that’s as far as I took my principles. I then found the CARE organization and I started to work for the amazing animals who call CARE home. I quickly realized the difference between acting towards one’s convictions and merely thinking about one’s convictions. I understood the value of impact over intent and I was hooked. All it took was a little bit of initial motion, a slight nudge towards action, and I haven’t stopped since. That was over ten years ago.

“I’ve been able to make quite a few positive differences for the animals in my immediate surroundings since I’ve known them, but I’m only one person. There’s a lot of work in the world which needs doing. There’re a lot of animals in need. That’s where the PrideStrong concept comes in. A pride of lions working together out on the savanna has more impact potential than one lion working alone, and I happen to work with lions, so the name is a natural fit.

“With PrideStrong, I want to set in motion a community of individuals who actively work towards making positive impacts both large and small for animal-related causes and charities. I absolutely believe that we, working together as a Pride, can have a tremendous impact on this world!”

~ Derek

pridestrong-logoLatest Event: January 8 – 15, 2017, PrideStrong Weeklong II

  • Volunteer one hour for an organization that help animals in your local community.
  • Join a volunteer team or start your own. For events in your area, check Facebook.com/truepridestrong
  • For tips on being a great volunteer for ethical organizations, consult our Field Guide
  • Measurement of Volunteer contributions continues through January 22 through the PSWL Survey
  • Results of the January 2017 PrideStrong Weeklong: Infographic | Slideshow

One lion can impact the savanna. A PRIDE of lions can impact the world!