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PS Registration Survey
Start here by telling us about yourself

Get started by registering to participate as a PrideStrong volunteer. This survey includes informed consent for adult volunteers and informed consent for parents or guardians  to complete for young Pride Members under age 18. We’ll ask for demographic information about you so you won’t need to re-enter that information each time you report your volunteer activities. Once registered, we’ll email you reminders to complete the Volunteering survey at an interval you choose: every week, month, or quarter.

Volunteer Registration Survey:

PrideStrong Volunteer Report

PrideStrong Report Q1 2018
Report your Spring ’18 volunteer activities

The Volunteer Report survey is where you report what you did to help an organization that helps animals. We’ll ask you for information about the organization where you volunteered and detailed information about how you helped. Use the Timesheet to keep track of your volunteering hours and activities, then add up the numbers to report them in the Volunteering Survey at the end of each week, month, or quarter. Each survey response allows you to report on one organization that you helped on-site (for example, feeding animals) and/or remotely (for example, fundraising from home), as well as up to three organizations you helped using ResQwalk.

About PrideStrong Surveys

Measurement of the Pride’s impact is a central purpose of PrideStrong Weeklong. You can see the cumulative effort Pride members put into helping organizations that help animals during our past volunteer events on the Impact page.

Questions about participating in PrideStrong or our surveys? Contact us.

Missed a survey deadline?

You can still post your volunteer story and photos to

updated January 1, 2018

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