FIV positive cats are just as wonderful and loving as FIV negative cats

A Pride member from Wisconsin shared her experience helping to socialize cats at her local animal shelter.

What inspired you to volunteer?

All of the animals there need love, and it’s a great way to relax and bring about lots of smiles.

Thinking back on your volunteer experience, please tell us the story of what you did.

My sister and I decided to go to the animal shelter in our area.  We stopped in and we split up, she went to the dogs and I started in with the cats.  My first stop was to the FIV positive cat room.  Upon entrance, I noticed 3 cats, all 3 resting peacefully.  I said hello to all 3, 2 of which were sleeping, so I headed over to Garfield, who was awake.  I scratched under his chin and he began to purr, slowly closing his eyes.  He jumped down, stretched and began to play with a mouse.  I turned around and a sweet boy named Cornucopia had come out of his sleeping box.  I bent down to scratch under his chin and rub his head and ears.  He circled my feet, gently rubbing on my boots.  I crouched down to give him my full attention.  He began to purr loudly, still rubbing on my boots, still letting me scratch his chin.  I went to find my sister, and we went from cat room to cat room, petting cats, and in between giving dogs treats.  We finally made our way back to the FIV positive cat room and Garfield greeted us immediately.  Cornucopia was back in his box and reluctant to come out.  I tried to coax him out, but he was set on staying in his box.  Instead we focused our attention on Garfield and Brownie-the other cat in the room.  I picked up Brownie and put him in my sister’s lap.  My sister is not very fond of cats, but she was willing to let him sit in her lap.  Brownie fell asleep almost instantly, purring and softly kneading my sister’s jeans.  I’m glad I could show my sister the love cats can share and help to teach her and others that FIV positive cats are just as wonderful and loving as FIV negative cats.

~ Reproduced with permission of the respondent ~

More volunteer stories and full results of the January 2017 PrideStrong Weeklong coming soon!

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