Helping animals from home

Tomorrow is the first day of the PrideStrong Weeklong. Starting tomorrow, members of the Pride will go out into their communities and donate just one hour of their time to an animal-related charity.
If you still haven’t selected your charity, don’t worry. While it may be too late to volunteer in person, there are still ways to help animals in need from the comfort of your own neighborhood. Here are some ways you can participate in the PrideStrong Weeklong:
  • ResQWalk is an app that will donate money to an organization of your choosing just for walking. Download it now and go for an hourlong walk. Done and done!
  • Spend an hour calling around to your friends and family for donations! You can collect money, food, blankets, or cleaning supplies and then deliver them to a local animal organization. Make sure to check that the organization is ethical.
  • Every animal shelter needs comfy blankets for their animals to sleep on! Have you ever wanted to learn to sew, knit, or crochet? Well, spend a few hours learning and then donate your creations to your local shelter.
  • Call up a nearby animal-related organization and see if they need any help with the website or social media. You could help write adoption profiles, newspaper ads, and more from the comfort of your couch.
Have other ideas for how to help? Make sure to share them on the PrideStrong Facebook page and, as always, make sure the organization you help is ethical in its treatment of animals and people (for tips on selecting an ethical organization, see the Field Guide).
by Emily Smudde

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