Ready for the next PrideStrong Weeklong?

During the last PrideStrong Weeklong, more than 50 people came together and supported 35 animal-related causes, helping more than 600 hundred animals and donating almost $6,000 in the form of volunteer hours.

Now, the question is, are we ready to top that?

Mark you calendars because January 8th through the 15th is the second PrideStrong Weeklong, an event that helps bring people together to support and care for animals in need. All you need to do is find one hour during that week and it will make all the difference.

During this week-long event, participants donate one hour or more of their time to an animal-based charity or cause of their choosing. Once the hour is up, participants will fill out a brief survey about what they did when they volunteered.

Cleaning kennels, walking dogs, writing emails, and answering phones were just a few of the things Pride Members did to help animals in need.

It may only be December, but now is the time to start planning. If you haven’t already, start researching local charities and finding opportunities near you. Make sure you also check out the PrideStrong WeekLong Facebook page for more information and to read stories from our last event.

Curious about our last PrideStrong Weeklong? Check out this video:

by Emily Smudde

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