Protecting Marine Life through Habitat Cleaning

Pride member Charlotte Kinzie of British Columbia, Canada shared her Weeklong volunteer story:

We kayaked 2.5 km to one of the local islands, Maude island. In one of the smaller bays we landed and cleaned up garbage including fishing line. There was a lot of bird life present on the island, approximately 60 harbour seals with pups, we saw a family of sea otters (5 pups). After we picked up the garbage that had washed into the bay, we picked up about 50-70 feet of deep sea fishing line that was wrapped around driftwood and rocks. Fishing line is a huge danger to marine life.

Charlotte told us there is no local group or organization in her small town in Canada that does this work that she and her friends independently do to care for local wildlife. “Otters and seals go there to pup, but there’s a lot of other life in the water,” wrote Charlotte. “We try not to go close to them when they’re on land as they can be aggressive…and they’re HUGE!”

Thank you, Charlotte, for giving us permission to share your name, your inspiring story, and beautiful photos and video with the Pride.

Reproduced from with the permission of Charlotte Kinzie.

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