Socializing Animal Shelter Dogs and Cats

Pride Member Aly Cumming shared moving stories and adorable photos from her volunteer experience at her local animal shelter. July 30, 2016


I have already posted twice, but I just wanted to share a little story.

This is Nova. She was a resident at my local shelter for over two months. That may not sound like a long time, but for her and all other homeless pets, it feels like forever. Many dogs like her get very stressed and anxious inside the kennels at a shelter and often do things that could harm themselves. One night Nova ingested part of her blanket and had to have a very intense surgery to remove it from her stomach. That was a while ago and tonight we think that this procedure caused her to become very sick and her intestines to become very infected. I was walking her this morning and I noticed that she was not acting like herself. I went to work tonight and arrived home to very sad message from one of the staff members at the shelter. She wanted to let me know that they decided to put Nova to sleep so she wouldn’t have to be in pain anymore. She was so young and never found her forever home, but despite that she received so much love from the staff and volunteers at the shelter. 

This just made me realize, if you’re an animal lover like me, how important it is to go out and volunteer for the animals in your community. Not every animal’s story has a happy ending, but at least you go to bed knowing you made a difference. And you get to see all of the amazing happy endings for homeless pets who DO find their forever families! Nova’s story is sad, but we can never stop rescuing and rehoming all the animals still in need!

Rest easy, Sweet Nova


Reproduced from with the permission of Aly Cumming.

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